'Earlybird' tickets are now available from today, 1st January. These offer a 10% discount on Standard ticket prices. However, much more importantly, purchasing these Earlybird ticket's guarantee your place at a most wonderful music festival. With high profile bands such as ABC, Embrace, Toploader, Howard Jones, and Thompson Twins - Tom Bailey tickets will likely sell out. Our Pre Christmas release has already sold 50% of the Saturday allocation. The venue is inside a 14 feet high walled garden, so we cannot expand the size of the festival..... 

All Early Bird Tickets will be released on Monday 19th June, and will be posted out to purchasers during that week. Tickets will be available to purchase on this website until 9pm on Tuesday 11th July. These will again be posted to purchasers. After this date, tickets will only be available, subject to availability, at the festival ticket office on each day of the festival.

Please note: A Family Ticket includes both parents and up to 3 children under 16 years old. Children over 16 years old require an adult ticket. Families with more than 3 children under this age require a separate Childs ticket.

If you wish to purchase a 'Glamping' pitch with Tangerine Fields you will still need to add a pitch on your booking here and then go to the Tangerine Fields web site to reserve your tent after receiving your ticket confirmation.

Tangerine Fields


Earlybird - Day Pass - 14th July£50Purchase
Earlybird - Day Pass - 15th July£50Purchase
Earlybird - Day Pass - 16th July£50Purchase
Earlybird - Family Day - 14th July£115Purchase
Earlybird - Family Day - 15th July£115Purchase
Earlybird - Family Day - 16th July£115Purchase
Earlybird - 3 Day Pass - 14/15/16th July£135Purchase
Earlybird - Family 3 Day Pass - 14/15/16th July£300Purchase
Earlybird - Child Day Pass - Single Day£25Purchase
Earlybird - Child 3 Day Pass£50Purchase

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